12 Gas wells completed successfully in Phase 4 South Pars gas field

Regarding to God willing as well as commitment and effort of OKDC staff and some other service companies , Repairing and completion of 12 workover gas wells wound up successfully at SPD5 platform.

The operation being done via 12 live gas wells with an average wellhead pressure of 2700 PSI and terminated to production situation after perforation , Acidizing , Logging . PVT/PLT tests and flowing jobs.

This is the first corporate package for enhancing and increasing capacity of South Pars producing wells , executed by OKDC through an offshore rig rental contract between POGC ( the client ) and PEDC , PECO , OKDC as a project consortium partnership group.

The operational activities accomplished via as SIMOPS procedure as well as HSE regulations and requirements plus technical , professional standards of Drilling Industry .

Meanwhile , logistic services for P-100 drilling rig was provided by PECO , a sister company of OKDC ( shipping , water& fuel , transportation etc.)

Average operational efficiency of Pasargad drilling unit has been evaluated as %99.9 during the job .

It is estimated that about %30 production increase and sustainability in operation will be gained after this completion work over job .

This is the sequence table of work over wells activities at SPD5 platform ( phase4)

flowing cleaning perforation Acidizing Logging Well No item
5 1
  4 2
  6 3
  9 4
  8 5
  3 6
  1 7
  11 8
  12 9
10 10
7 11
  2 12