OKDC Introduction

Ostovan Kish Drilling Company (OKDC) established in 2010 as a private company aiming for fulfilment of drilling operations in oil and gas industries as well as strategic management of drilling equipment in on land & off-shore fields, The Company has been operating in Iran’s oil and gas Upstream sector since then.

OKDC has always tried to efficiently fulfil the activities, with maximum rate of safety and quality; and it provides related technical – specialized services for Iran’s oil and gas industries by employment of expert staff within the framework of assigned duties. Currently, the company’s activity has been focused on managing an offshore drilling unit owned by Pasargad Energy Development Co. Notwithstanding, the company attempts to expand its activities for conclusion of new contracts in on land & off-shore drilling projects, provision of goods and equipment, as well as labor force required for its clients’ drilling oil and gas wells.

Ostovan Kish Drilling Company is capable to execute different services as following:

  • Operation management of offshore and land drilling units
  • Provision of hardware and software maintenance systems required for drilling equipment
  • Recruiting of efficient labor force for drilling industry
  • Supplying of equipment and parts required for drilling industry
  • Providing Engineering and supervision services for construction and commissioning of drilling equipment in offshore and on land fields

Ostovan Kish Drilling Company, as a prestigious professional executive and drilling contractor company, has succeeded in being recognized as the first private company in drilling market of Iran which provides offshore drilling services by employment of Iranian employees who enjoy valuable experiences and abilities; the company owes this credit to the effort of its skillful employees as well as full support and leadership of its wise shareholders and interaction with esteemed clients.

OKDC is proud of its experiences in provision of secure and safe workplace as well as protection of environment, its own and employers’ capitals. This company, by possession of a motivated expert team as well as implementation of management’s standards, try its best level effort to be known as a pioneer and innovative company in drilling industry.

With respect to this, Ostovan Kish Drilling Company has obtained several certificates, and has launched multiple supporting systems, such as knowledge management system to enhance the performance of drilling, in order to provide integrated services at the company.

Utilization of specialized labor force, safety management, employees’ health and protection of environment, technical and engineering support, repair and maintenance of equipment as well as fulfilment of drilling operations with maximum efficiency, are considered as one of the first commitments of the company to the employers. Drilling project of 11 wells in the phase No. 21 of South Pars Gas field, was the first project of Ostovan Kish Drilling Company in Persian Gulf which was executed in accordance with the projected plan. After successful execution of this project, the second mission of the company focused on repairing and drilling the wells in Sirri region for a period of one year, in collaboration with Iranian Offshore Oil Company, successfully implemented and completed. Afterwards, operation of installation and completion of wellhead and downhole equipment of six gas wells in the phase No. 13 of South Pars, employed by Pars Oil and Gas Company, has flourished as the third operating project of the company. Currently, Ostovan Kish Drilling Company operates in the project of repairing the wells of phases 2 to 5 in South Pars Gas field, employed by Pars Oil and Gas Company, to enhance the capability of the wells’ production in this field.

Human Capital

Labor force of Ostovan Kish Drilling Company, as the most valuable asset of the organization bearing high motivation and considerable encouragement, seek to furnish new remedies for the challenges of drilling industry. The labor force’s vast knowledge, dependable experience, developed talent and positive energy are considered as the strength and advantage in OKDC.

Labor force is the vital factor of our success in OKDC. We are fully aware that the organization’s success and sustainability in the dynamic drilling industry depend on our skillful and educated labor force’s adaption ability. We perfectly know a constantly developing employee can be a competitive privilege for the business and due to this, we believe that employees’ development shall be considered as the synchronic advantage both the employees and the organization. The company’s all personnel, specifically the employees in operation, engineering, maintenance and repair sections, considering the related obligations and standards, are constantly being educated in order to be ensured they have obtained the maximum efficiency and quality in the company’s services.

Ostovan Kish Drilling Company is the first private company in Iran that performs offshore drilling operation, using %100 Iranian experts. This company, by having a motivated specialized team as well as implementation of human resource’s processes and holding motivating programs, makes effort to provide a secure workplace for its employees and due to this, the company has gained increasing improvement in Iran’s drilling industry within a short period of time. By reliance to our labor force, we guarantee that all our specialized drilling operations are implemented in accordance with International standards and we are thoroughly sure that the long experience of the company’s employees in drilling and maintenance operations of offshore and land drilling equipment is an advantage for our clients to reduce the time of execution of their drilling operations and to decrease their allocated budget.

Ostovan Kish Drilling Company, as one of the numerated Iranian companies in operating of offshore drilling platform, according to its policy, has taken action to select a designated person (DPA – Designated Person Ashore), and has succeeded in establishment of system of safety management (ISM) based on the contents of section 9 of SOLAS convention. In this regard, the company has obtained Document Of Compliance (DOC) and Safety Management Certificate (SMC) for a drilling platform under its management.


Operating Base

OKDC has established its central office in Tehran and its supporting station in Kish Free Zone, to support its different operational needs in drilling operations in offshore fields in Persian Gulf. To support drilling operations at sea, the company has equipped a base with an area of 7500 m2 in Kish island out of which an area of 1350 m2 is a roofed workshop. This station also has special sheds for storing and keeping the rotary equipment and tools as well as workshop for repairs.

Our Kish’s offices are equipped with communicating, computers and announcing systems to manage and supervise the projects as well as to accommodate the executive teams of the employers.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Ostovan Kish Drilling Company strongly believes that healthy human is the basis of stable development. Concerning this belief, protection of safety and health of the personnel as well as conservation of the environment are considered as precedence in all missions of the company.

The established Health. Safety and Environment management system at the company has formed and applied in a way to examine and analyze all risks of health, safety and environment before any executive operations. All such safety procedures are defined and put on the agenda until achievement of the limits of bearable risks and adaption to National, regional rules as well as related International standards.

The mentioned procedures are categorized in three general groups as follows:

Systematic procedures including: plans, programs, assessment of risks and environmental aspects, approaches, checklists, reports and similar items

Educational system including: necessary and legal instructions, on-the-job training, subject-oriented training through internal and external sources of the organization

Equipping procedures including: keeping all survival at sea and confronting fire equipment (LSA & FFA) in full operational condition, and making assurance that all major equipment used in the company’s mission are safe.

Ostovan Kish Drilling Company implements the mentioned procedures within the framework of systems of management of quality, safety and environment including: ISO14001:2015; OHSAS 18001: 2007 as well as Document Of Compliance (DOC) and Safety Management Certificate (SMC) and obtained the seaworthiness certificates from International classification marine surveying companies and creditable institutes.

Satisfaction of the quality and situation of HSE during implementation of executive operations and also the company’s constructive interaction, in this particular case, with the esteemed employers, reflect the important role of safety and health of the personnel and beneficiaries as well as importance of protection of environment at Ostovan Kish Drilling Company.

Rig Specification

Rig Name/ Type Pasargad 100/ Independent 3 leg Jack up
Design CP 300
Water Depth 300 ft.
Drilling Depth 30000 ft.
Built Year 2013
Leg Length 427 ft.
Class Notations A1 Self-Elevating MODU
Max Variable Drilling Load 7716 KIPS
Accommodation 105 Persons
Derrick 35Ft*40Ft Base
Draw works JC 90DB. 4 * 720 Kw Ac Motor
Top Drive TDS 8 SA NOV. 750 Ton. 1150 HP
Rotary Table CNPC / ZP495,” 49 ½”
MUD Pump 3*BOMCO/ F-1600HL,Triplex