Ongoing Projects

Project Title : Drilling one well for exploration/delineation in yalda hydrocarbon field.

Project Start Date : April, 2020

Project Est. Time : 286 Days

Project Client : POGC (Pars Oil & Gas Company) with top manegement supervision of NIOC (Exploration Directorate)

Project Area : Exploration of structural location between south Pars Gas field & Balal oil field in Persian Gulf

Project Specific Features :

  • Change of location & sea passage movement of the drilling rig pasargad-100 from spd-13 c location to new location in exploration yalda field & preparedness for drilling & critical /essential equipmets & accessories of the barge & needful arranegments with service companies.
  • Drilling operation of formation & layers & different holes & miscellaneous tasks including & not limitesd to wallpiping,cementing,coring,drilling mud logging …

Coordinates & Geographical position of project area : lat.26 36.05 north long.052 30.16 e – 110 .k.m = 68 n.m away from the assaluyeh coast line in Persian Gulf.

Special Condition : In the special circumestances regarding the COVID-19 & outbreak of the corona virus ,prepare & take proper actions to consider health & safety issues for all crew who were transported to pasargad-100 rig , also monior & proceed for needful actions & take proper steps for safe transportation via kish island or assaluyeh port & offer health clinical aspects ,quarintine process.

Completed Projects

Project Title : Provision and supervision of an offshore jack up drilling unit and associated services for enhancing & increasing production capacity of gas wells at phases 2 to 5 south pars gas field.

Project Start Date : June, 2018

Project Finish Date : June, 2020

Project Client : Pars Oil & Gas Co . (POGC)

Project Area : South Pars gas field in Persian Gulf

Project Specific Features :

  • Management, Supervision and provision an offshore drilling jack up rig for gas wells work over operation and services at phases 2 to 5 South pars gas field Area.
  • Mobilization & Demobilization, Spud and moving the rig between 4 marine production platforms.
  • Provision of choppers and boats (crew, supply)
  • Logistic services such as barge, catering campus and ICT
  • Supply of technical services and equipment for wellhead, downhole jobs.
  • Supply of operational & logistic requirement for production platforms
  • HSE requirement Documents (JSA, SIMOPS, ERP, Risk Assessment)

Project Title : Supply of drilling unit for South Pars gas field development phase

Project Start Date : 25/03/2013

Project finish Date : 21/06/2016

Project Client : OIEC

Project Area : South Pars Gas Field

Project consequences:

  • Drilling 11 gas wells on the SPD21 platform with Iranian personnel with the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • Total drilling (meter): 45536/8 m
  • Average drilling time for each gas well: approximately 3.5 months
  • Total drilling days: 1139 days

Project Specific Features :

  • Employing the human resources of all Iranian people in the offshore drilling for the first time in the private and public sectors
  • conducting drilling operations with the highest level of safety by earning the least “lost working days”

Project Title : Supply of drilling unit for Sirri Oil platforms

Project Start Date : 22/10/2016

Project finish Date : 23/02/2018

Project Client : IOOC

Project Area : Siri Oil Field

Project Specific Features :

Since the last drilling of the oil well by the SAGADRILL rig in August 1998 up to 2016, different contractors had tried three times for drilling the new well or work over existing wells at the current location (Ilam I). No drilling rig succeeded to be in operational condition (Rig Spud) due to rugged .