Vision / Mission / Values

To become a pioneering specialized Iranian private company, active in the field of drilling operations of wells, managing and operating of drilling equipment in offshore and on land oil and gas wells, , development of ecosystem of start-up businesses in the field of energy, focused on upstream sector of oil and gas drilling.

Operations of drilling, repair and overhaul of wells, as well as management and operation of drilling equipment of oil and gas wells in offshore and on land fields with maximum possible efficiency.

  • Commitment to the principles of professional ethics
  • Prioritizing human capitals and making effort to protect and enhance the employees’ health and safety
  • Consistency in conservation of the environment
  • Provision of an honorable and rewarding workplace and achievement of meritocracy
  • Expansion of honesty and trust at the company
  • Making effort to provide the benefits of all beneficiaries, especially improving customers’ satisfaction